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Propelled by curiosity

AkzoNobel asked us to reposition their International® brand to create more consistency and therefore more impact.


ABM: How cloud ready are you?

Organizations today can’t escape working with the cloud. But moving to the cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all project. Where do you start, what are the steps and how do you use all the opportunities that cloud offers?

Getty Images

Bilder die im Gedächtnis bleiben – Interactive Memo Game

Play around with Getty’s image collection through our interactive memory game. We developed this simple, fun and engaging campaign to underline their proposition ‘Quality at every price’ in connection to the different collections.


Brand campaign: We Are Talent

We created a brand campaign to support brand preference for LinkedIn Talent Solutions. A strong, overarching theme to bundle all communication in Northern EMEA campaigns in 2016. This theme comes to life through brand and content communication.


Lead generation: OpenStack and AWS

As part of a general effort to gain more traction in the Benelux market, we supported Rackspace with lead generation for their Amazon Web Services and OpenStack offerings. Rackspace is the global leader in the managed hosting segment, offering fanatical support for both cloud infrastructures.


Customer Success Story: LinkedIn and

LinkedIn Benelux asked us to create a customer success story about How does the world’s largest accommodation website, based in Amsterdam, keep up with fierce competition for talent? Like others, they leverage their company culture to build a strong employer brand. But their view on data in the recruitment process is really unique.